Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Beauty Favorites

Today is 25th June. We are approaching toward the end of June. How fast time flies? At this time of the month, I often think about beauty products I’m loving and constantly reaching  during the month. I narrowed down the list to four products I need to write about to share with you. 

1.      Maybeline EXPERTWEAR eyeshadow in Nude Glow

This is a discovery of the month.  I’m super excited about this eyeshadow because I don’t use it as an eyeshadow. Guess what? I use it as highlighter for cheekbone. It works beautifully , not too shimmery. If you love Benefit Sunbeam highlighter, you will love this one. It gives just a perfect amount of nude pinky radiance, making my cheek super glow and healthy and summery. With the price and quality, I nominate this eyeshadow be the best drugstore highlighter.

2.      Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in 10

I would call it a classic red lipstick. It is a perfect combinition of matte and lust finish. The stay power is compatible or even better than MAC lipsticks. When it fades, it doesn’t leave your lip uneven color nor stick into lip lines. You can’t beat the price of under $5 lipstick. Next time, when you are at Target, check it out.

3.      Stilla Convertible Color Dual lip and cheek cream in lilium

In the summer, I specially love a little bit of pink color on my cheek. This Stilla blush gives my cheek a natural pink like I run out in the sun for an hour. If you apply very lightly, no one can tell you are wearing a blush, of course, except people are having this Stilla.

4.      Shiseido Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector with SPF 42

I don’t wear foundation very often as I used to but I always wear sunscreen to protect my skin from UVA/UVB. Shiseido might be the best brand for sunscreen. The liquid go smoothly leaving skin oil free and light weight feeling.


Thursday, June 5, 2014

weekend plan

I know today is the middle of the week but I start planning for this weekend. I feel by doing so my weekend would more fulfilled and productive. Otherwise, I will lounge around my house in PJ and accomplish nothing.
Going to Ikea to get this fun and colorful side table

Making one of infused water from this recipe listInfused water is super easy to make and delicious for hot days

Try out this look-simple recipe  from Gordon Romsey. 

Hope you will all have a great weekend coming!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

what's in my bag?

I’m a curious person when it comes to knowing what other women carry with them in their bags. I watched hundreds of Youtube’s “What’s in my purse/bag” videos and still obsessed with this video tag. So I thought why not make my own post about the stuff that I put in my bag on daily basis, may be you will find it interesting. 

Mini Coach Bleeker is the bag that I currently use. I find that bag has a great leather quality and perfect for people in petite size like me. For every day, I only carry with me necessary things. If I have to go out for a whole day, I would definitely add more items.
Pen and Notebook to keep me focus on things I need to do. I write down grocery list, daily tasks, new products, etc.
Tissue because I imagine two situations (1) I’m stuck in a toilet without a toilet paper and (2) I have a severe runny nose.
MAC lipstick in Red Russian is perfect red lipstick for every girl, in my opinion. It creates natural pink lip when you apply with fingers or glamorous red when you use the tube to apply.
Lip balm to make my lip moisture, soft and appealing.
Eyedrop because I wear contact lens almost 16 hours a day.
Wallet holds ID card, credit cards and extra money. This Coach wallet is so durable and compact. It has tons of room for cards.
Sunglasses is a must have when you are living in sunny all around year place like LA. Also, they make you look cool and mysterious.
Gum to save me from burger smells.
Chocolate because I’m always hungry between meals and need something sweet to keep me away from passing out. I picked up this almond caramel chocolate at Target.
Mini DKNY Pure Perfume just in case I need to refresh or I forget to wear perfume before I leave home. This perfume is so fresh and clean. 

What you think is the most necessary thing in your bag?


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello everyone, I'm Trang! Thank you for visiting my page!

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